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•Does my deposit go towards my service(s)?

Yes, all sewn install's require a Non Refundable deposit of $25 which goes toward your service. 


•Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. In any case that you can not make it to your appointment, please notify Domo 24 hours in advance and your deposit will be credited to your next service. 


•Do I Come pre-washed for my sewn installment? Yes, all clients receiving "Sewn Installation" must come pre-washed, dried, a free of all products. 


•How long will my extensions last? Extensions will last up to 1+ year(s) with proper professional care. 


•How many days in advance do I need to bring my hair to be colored? Clients receiving color for virgin hair(bundles)must bring hair in 10 days before appointment date.  


•Domo does not reinstall previously cut wefts, damaged by the client. 


•No Kids Allowed unless being service, No Exceptions! 


•No Call No Show, No New Appointment. 


•If client is more than 15 minutes late, you must rebook and forfeit any deposit made. 


•How many bundles will I need if I have a frontal or closure? You will need 2-3 bundles depending on hair length. 3 is recommended.


•Does the bundle deal include hair? All hair is sold separately! $25 is deducted from sewn install if hair is purchased from Domo. 


•Can I purchase hair w/o salon services. Yes hair is available for salon pick-up. 


•No food or drink allowed in the salon


•Do I need to pay for hair when booking my appointment? It's recommended to guarantee availability of preferred lengths. 


•Can I bring a friend/family member with me to my appointment? Due to limited space in hair studio Domo ask that you refrain from bringing guest unless being serviced. 


•Can I part my "closure" in different areas of my head I.e. side part, middle? All closure are free to part with a side part or middle.

Can I reuse DomoTheHairDivoHairCollection? Yes hair can be reused up to a year + with proper care. 


•Do I need a consultation? Consultation are free and available for any service requested. 


•How long will my sewn last? 6-8 weeks.  


•What do I wash my extensions with? Sulfate free shampoo.


•Do I need to seal my wefts? Weft sealer makes the wefts hard and difficult to sewn w/o cutting, DomoTheHairDivoHairCollection does not require wefts to be sealed. 


•What lengths are in stock? 14-24 inches. 

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